A downloadable aquenture for Windows

In this game(?), you play as Aqua Lightning, boy wonder and downloader of oversized Unreal Engine 5 VR Projects. Will he be able to overcome the various aqua-themed obstacles in his path? Are the boat physics going to glitch out again and shoot you into the sky, leaving only a Team Rocket twinkle behind? And why is it so much fun to spawn little cubes that float on the UE5 water plugin water? A lot of these questions, and more, are going to be answered in this aquamatic aquenture! Aquuuaaaaaaa Lightniiiiiing!

This is a VR game, it will only work in VR. Well, as good as this game can work.


  • Smashing alarm clock - Hit with hand
  • Swim - Dog paddle (up and down)
  • Race - Direct boat with outstretched right arm

The first VR game since SloMoDo! Always seems like such an emerging new field where you can try out new game ideas you couldn't before. Well, not me though, I just made Aqua Lightning. My Unreal Engine games always suck, but I have to say at least this time I had some fun working on some of the more unhinged parts. Not sure if that makes them fun to play though, be cautiously advised. Thanks if you give it a spin!


  • Original Release Date: 02/10/24


Aqua Lightning for Windows.zip 338 MB

Install instructions

Extract the folder and run AquaLightning.exe.
This is a VR game. It will only work in VR.

Only tested it with my Quest, but it should work with all HMDs that are supported by Unreal Engine 5.


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Cant try it out, but it seems fun, make a youtube video of it so I can watch it!