Will Larry Seinfeld, aspiring stand-up comedian, be able to achieve his hopes, dreams and world-ruling ambitions? Or will your finger give out first? Will your finger achieve its world-ruling ambitions? Will the other fingers aspire against it, in some sort of fingerian Shakespeare tragedy? None of this and more, only in... CLICK-UP!


  • Left mouse button - Tell jokes, activate upgrades, accept the vote of the people
  • F8 - Fullscreen

My Global Game Jam '24 entry, the theme was "Make me laugh". This uninspired clicker is part of my big-brain strategy to do better in the overall category of the Ludum Dare. That category is mostly tied to the fun category, and after looking at the last Ludum Dare's fun winners, most of them had "numbers go up" in some form or fashion. So that MUST be the key to making fun games. And what has the most numbers go up? That's right! A clicker! We're on the same page you and I, we're on the same page. Numbers going up is kinda nice, but I don't think clicking on a button is quite the fun revolutionary gameplay I am looking for. Alas, next time, next time!

Thanks a lot for checking it out!

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