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captaindreamcast Please Fix Dan when i hit Rock Howard the Game Froze

moveset please

What did I just play, this works on dreamcast apparently?

It sometimes lags a little on Dreamcast (especially the SNK Dan vs Rock Howard fight), but yes, it works. That's the nice thing about (retro) consoledev, if it works on one console, you can be sure that it works on all of them, that's kinda comfy to know. Only thing I can't say is if it works on Dreamcast emulators, I haven't tested with those.

Either way, thanks for testing/playing!

good luck, would love some footage of it working on an actual dreamcast!


Thanks. Sadly, I don't have anything to record Dreamcast footage with, so I can't make a video of the Dreamcast version. It's something that's come up in the past already, so I should really look into getting one, I'm sorry.

even if its a bad phone camera or something Im sure people would be interested to see.