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Man, you do not know how overjoyed i am to see this series finally back, while it may be weird to say, this series brought me joy earlier in lfie and even now i replay these games and laugh at the jokes and refrences that were so caringly put into the game. And above all, your writing and great storyline brought me joy and excitement you could never know. When dream fight 9AD came out and i was using an alt account, i played it over and over, using different controllers such as sega genesis and more because your games were 1 thing many other games are missing. Fun.  just today i replayed most of your dolmexia mods all from the touhou one all the way to this one and it was great.  Im aware im a little late to the party in commenting this but i just wanted to tell you that you have done the impossible man, most people dont care about mugen rosters but you decided you  not only give us a varied roster, but be able to create an entire storyline out of it complete with plenty of jokes, running gags, and more that spiced up the traditional ways these characters act. Making ryu a crazy guy who is always talking about the heart of battle, sub zero's constant internal conflict, akuma being a gamer, and axel being a happy friendly guy with a lisp are examples of how you have made the perfect mugen universe while being both funny and having a great storyline involving great evils. 

in the end, i realize you may very well be done with the story, and if so you made a storyline that helped me. but if you are not finished, then by all means, work your magic writing because i will play these games until i physically cannot any longer. I just thought i would tell you how much you have impacted me, you have changed by outlook on mugen and fighting games as a whole, don't ever be discouraged by people making fun of your past mistakes. Sure MK vs Street Fighter was not your magnum opus but you didn't give up and made a story that is truly special. Don't forget the service you have done for us. I had made this account mostly just to comment this as i had lost my old account's password a long time ago. I wish you the best whether you wish to continue making one off games, a whole new series, more mugen, or whatever you may wish to do at some point. It even got to the point where i was writing my own stuff in the vein of your mugens to try to create something like it-perhaps in the same universe as well. Of course i never got to doing that but that still shows how much this series has helped me. I hope you the best in any of the future projects or activities in the future, and i truly do hope the best for you in the end, after all you helped me and helped me grow from a time when lots of stress was in my life. To conclude, your works have been a great thing for my life, helping me laugh when their was stress.

With best regards

A True Fan, Of Dolmexia Infinite 

Thank you very much for the nice comment! Amazing, I did not think someone would play through most of  the mods and then even replay them! I'm glad you thought they were fun! Thanks a lot for trying them out!

 It was always fun making them, but at the time I had run out of ideas and Dolmexica (the engine itself) was getting to a somewhat 1.0-ish state, so I thought I would wrap it up for the time being. The original plan was to have another Dream Fight game a year, but due to some irl troubles that did not work out the past two years. I want to have three DFs this year to be back on track:

20 A.D., which has nothing much (except the Vita port I think). I did that to have something that I can share more easily than DF19, but looking back, I don't think it matters all that much, I don't think I'll do another storyless mod again (that's the part that's most fun to make after all).

21.A.D., which I'm working on right now, and which has a story again, but it's closer in scope to the original smaller mods

22 A.D., I'm trying to do something with OC characters there, as a bit of an experiment (pretty sure that's going to go terribly, so I'll go back to "borrowing" characters from other fighters after that again)

Cool to hear you've also been trying your hand at writing things, let me know if you have something to share there, would of course be super interested to see that! I think that's kind of the nice things of moddable engines like Mugen that they give you something to jump in and get creative.

Again, glad to hear you liked the games! And thank you very much for taking the time to write a comment (even creating a new account!), that means a lot to me.


thanks for responding to my comment, im glad to hear you are continuing the story and if i  have any ideas completed i will be sure to reach out eventually. Until then i am interested to see what you have in mind story-wise 

thanks again for the great games and storyline


(Sorry for so many replies, i dont mean to annoy you if i am) if you dont mind me asking, is there a release date or anything for these mods, because i really dont want to miss out. Also i just want to put this out there, your OC characters are interesting and cool, you wrote them really well and if you wanna continue their story then i will be there to play it, Kat and cop justice are 2 of some of the only well written OCs, when many other people do it, most of the time it comes off a cringe but in this setting, when many of the characters are acting in a new way to then they act originally (as well as some of them having their own game. Not to mention the fact that you write really well and made sure to keep them interesting) it really works, like i said, dont doubt yourself and work your magic. I love the smaller games as well which makes dream fight 21AD exciting to me. Fighter hero 4 and the cheapie wars were 2 games that, while not as big as dream fight, had interesting characters, good jokes, and storylines that could draw me in and get me excited to see the characters later. Overall, dont doubt your skill and ability to make great games, because with your comedy and well written ideas (not to mention diologue which even blockbuster film writers somehow mess up)  i know that you are making something great. 

My current plan is:

Dolmexica 1.3 on November 3rd - No Dream Fight or story, but I want to test some vita and other changes first before releasing Dream Fight 21

Dream Fight 21 A.D. on November 11th

Dream Fight 22 A.D. on December 31st/January 1st

Might be a week later in case something terrifically goes wrong, but right now it looks like it will work out, I'll reply here again and let you know if something changes.

Thanks again for the nice comments!


Alright thanks for letting me know, and thank you for keeping me in the know about any news