What you might think is an innocent drop on your train window could actually hold the key to intergalactic conquest. Or at least Japanese conquest. Sounds a bit less drastic after intergalactic conquest, but it's still pretty serious! Become large enough to cover the screen and take Kyoto!

Just a 48 hour project jam thingy to keep the fingers busy, you know how it is. Been a while since I did a jam game, kinda wanted to get back into the groove of things. After all, what's more fun than writing little stories and making little games around them. In Godot this time, I wanted to try the HTML5 export for 2D games with Godot. Worked pretty well on the technical side actually, would recommend.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Controls for HTML5:

  • Speed up story text / Start game on title screen - Enter
  • Move - Arrow keys

Additional notes:

  • Original release date: 22/05/2022

Thanks for playing!

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