A downloadable exogame

Flying hungry shark and yummy humans flying in the sky. A tale as old as time.  Food increases time and destroyed houses increase score (does not work the same in real life).

So yeah, my spooky contribution to AGDG halloween jam, a horror game based(?) on(?) Jaws(?). I feel the Vectrex lends itself well to horror games, as it is objectively best played in the dark to get the full effect of its glittery shiny appearance.

That was pretty much the thought process. It's not exactly scary or anything, but it's the scary thought that counts. As always, developing for the Vectrex is an absolute joy, the creators have really made it very convenient for game developers to use. And of course the Vectrex homebrew community with its great resources and documentation. If you were ever interested in trying your hand at retro development stuff, the Vectrex would be a nice platform to get your feet wet.  This tutorial was a good chunk of my reference, so it could probably get you started: https://www.playvectrex.com/designit/chrissalo/toc.htm

And of course thanks for playing!


  • Button 1 to start game and return to title from gameover and exposition screens.
  • Directional controls control the shark
  • Jump into the human cities to crash them, this adds to your score
  • Collect food pellets on the ocean floor to increase play time, they respawn after jumping in the air (as it should).
  • Avoid the line with holes in the ocean, that's, an anti-exoshark death ray from the United Nations.

Other notes:


exoshark.bin 3.6 kB

Install instructions

Download the binary and run it in an emulator of your choice. Tested with ParaJVE and Vecx for Windows.

Haven't tested it on real hardware. Someone tried to run Storm Storm (my last Vectrex outing) on real hardware and it worked, so maybe Exoshark will too, but I can make no promises.

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