Controls for Windows/Web:

  • Punch - Q
  • Start - Enter
  • Movement - Arrow keys
  • Close the game from the title screen/Return to title screen - Escape

Controls for Dreamcast:

  • Punch - X
  • Start - Start
  • Movement - D Pad or Analog control stick
  • Return to title screen - A+B+X+Y+Start (Standard Dreamcast combo)

Vulgar display of JUSTICE!

Justice Town is the most justifiably just town in all of Justice Land. But one day, mysterious crimes and criminals keep multiplying, threatening the very core of Justice Town itself!

It's up to none other than Justice Town's most notorious rookie cop, COP JUSTICE, to restore law and order!

A brand new beat 'em up game punching its way to the Sega Dreamcast in 2017!

(Fists of Justice is one of my silly smaller games, so please don't go in expecting something grand, ok?)

Additional notes:

Thanks for playing!


Fists of Justice for 2.4 MB
Fists of Justice for 6.6 MB

Install instructions


Extract the folder and open FistsOfJustice.exe.


Burn the .cdi file to a CD-R using Padus Discjuggler 6.0 (  CD-RWs will not work. Burn at slow speeds, if possible. Put the CD-R in your Dreamcast. If it shows -Fists of Justice executable- during the Sega logo screen, you did everything correctly.


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Truly evidence for the age old debate "Can video games be considered art"
One day I will tell my grand children that I was there, I saw the turning point.
This is ground zero people.

I'm still waiting on my BAFTA here