The great detective club is facing its first and greatest crisis yet: Summer farming homework. Will they make it through alive? Does heart-radish really exist or did someone mix up horseradish and stubbornly refuse to rename it? And what is the true meaning of manhood? All these questions and more will be answered if you dare go...


Thanks a lot for playing/rating/testing!


  • A - Confirm/Advance
  • S - Return/Undo
  • Q - Fast Forward
  • Arrow keys - Move selection
  • Full screen - CTRL + Enter for Windows / F8 for Web (make sure to click game in firefox first or fullscreen will fail)

Additional info:


Inside for 9.3 MB
Inside for 6.6 MB

Install instructions


Extract the folder and open Inside.exe.


Burn the .cdi file to a CD-R using Padus Discjuggler 6.0 (  CD-RWs will not work. Burn at slow speeds, if possible. Put the CD-R in your Dreamcast. If it shows -Inside executable- during the Sega logo screen, you did everything correctly.


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Unfortunately, I could not figure out the set to create the game.

As I wrote earlier, I could not assemble the game in the second way I needed, this is when all the JS code is in one module, but this is not implemented now with preload. But this is not a problem, I could implement what I wrote about earlier, but a new problem has appeared related to updating browsers.

(Can be viewed here in the browser developer console

> Failed to start AudioContext. It needs to be resumed (or created) after a user gesture on the page.

In other words, you need to update something in the game's build tool for the web, because now the internals are obsolete and the modules made by the obsolete tool do not support sound (

ps Literally, I used to build the game and it worked, and I didn’t do anything with this project that was hosted on github, but now everything is there and there is no sound in new assemblies. The reason why the sound works on itchio is simple, the fact is that the game is broadcast there via iframe directly from the server, and there may be a chrome canary, a headless browser or just an old version of the browser, thanks to which the sound works there.

I'll try to figure it out again with the engine, for example, this port of ps vita

Hey! I tried to implement the mugen assembly in the frontend spa application, but it didn't work for me. Is it possible to create another bat file that would build mugen in a different way as a single javascript module? I cannot intagrate mugen in spa js-application

Ah, this is about Dolmexica Infinite, right? I think you could get it working without the assets.js (in the simplest case just copying the assets.js content into the game.js since both are embedded at the same place in the index.html), then the files you still have would be:

  • game.js, the javascript to run the game
  • game.wasm, the web assembly
  • the assets used by the game

I'm not sure if you can reduce it further. The web build uses Emscripten ( which is a sort of compiler-to-web. I know there is a way to do non-web-assembly builds with Emscripten as described here ( but the last time I tried those to debug something, they didn't work with Dolmexica. It would be done by adding -sWASM=0 to the linker when compiling the game. That's not possible with the make-your-own-game kit since that one already has the linked version.

The current linking command used by all my games (even Inside that's embedded on this page) is in my web/dreamcast cross-development engine here: , the command itself starts on line 9, you would add the -sWASM=0 to that. But like I said, since it changes so much in the compilation and is more of a legacy option at this point, it will most likely just result in a black screen and probably some startup javascript exception unfortunately.

I'm not sure if you could get rid of the .data file either, from what I see here on the documentation about packaging (, it seems to be a necessary component.

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thanks for the detailed answer, I'll try to do something with it. I have already tried in various ways, in particular the ssr approach on react, I returned static with the game, but this module did not start and cursed that it needed some utilities from the Windows environment to run, from which I concluded that what to run you can only build on the server and send the stream with the game through the iframe, but it would be very expensive to implement multiplayer through a web browser, since you need to contain many instances of pages on the server

Yes, I have some understanding of what is happening since I am a web developer, and I managed to run a game on Windows and collect a couple of games from developers on Mugen. But of the problems, I noticed that you need to update the assembly, as the browser specifications change and now, for example, the game does not work in Google Chrome (link below), but it works in the Safari browser. But this problem can be easily solved by simply updating the game assembly, the real problem, as I wrote above, is that the assembly of the module for some reason requires hosting through Windows, I will try to figure out on my own whether I can fix this situation by correcting the bat file

By the way, I did not say the most important thing, this is what the purpose of running your dreamcast interpreter in the browser is that if you can statically run the game on the client (browser in this case, obviously), then I could use the webrts technology to to stream a captured home item to another user at a high frame rate, and use that connection as a channel to forward keystroke data. As you can imagine, this would provide a multiplayer option for mugen players that is still popular and launch any game builds, and all sorts of additional things could be done, but even that would be very cool.

I will try to build the game in a different way so that all the packages are in one javascript file, I just had great difficulties in order to make the statics work with a format that is not understandable for the browser (.data) it is likely that this can solve the startup wasm module in browser

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if I don't find a solution to this problem, then it's still possible to create a modern spa application that will be deployed on some server with Windows, where various folders of mugen games will lie next to it. Then you can go from the spa application (where you can select some game) to these static pages with games, and on the html pages themselves, just add my custom script, which will take the ID from the browser storage to connect to the room with the game from the server (rooms with games must be created on server), so that you can was to implement a webrts connection for 2 users.

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I have already written a whole sheet, but once again, I need to make a spa application and a number of folders with static html files that are mugen games wrapped in your dreamcast interpreter. This is the first option, and the second is to assemble the game into one javascript module without assets. Of course, I can’t fully explain in brief what the problem is with assets on the client, but I already wrote about the unreadable format (.data), there is a problem with the fact that some memoized game.mem.html file should be launched, which can be found in one of the scripts, but this is not perhaps within the spa application, there is also a problem with the paths to the scripts and access to the script files, but this is all a long time to describe


WTF did I just read? :-D this was fantastic!

@Claus hi!