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Does this actually work on dreamcast?

Game made me lol. Lots of Mirklings streamed down the right hand side though and I barely needed to defend against them.

Yeah it works on Dreamcast, though you need both a light gun and a CRT monitor, which kills about 99.99999% of humanity's population as my player base.

The web version crashes or freezes around 10k mirklins, or stage 7.

Sorry that it crashed, and doubly sorry that it crashed mid-game! Mirklings was my first web port and I'm still trying to figure things out.

My best guess is that the game ran out of memory. Since emscripten is not that hot at handling dynamic memory alloc, I decided to go with the name-an-upper-memory-limit-at-compile-time strategy. I'll reupload it with a larger memory pool. Once again, really sorry!