The true story behind the people that sometimes go to houses and leave cuboid-shaped items there.

When John van Damme (played by John van Damme), former green beret learns the truth of the so-called "mailmen" from his new master "Colonel Steve" (played by Mailman Steve), his life is both shattered and given purpose. Can you help him defeat the evil rainforest overlord and avoid being arrested for property damage?

Are you so far beyond being Packpro that you become... PACKONTRA?!

Controls for Web/Windows:

  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Jump - A
  • Shoot stamps - S
  • Shoot Packages (after collected) - W
  • Honk - Q
  • Enter/Start/Advance text - A

Controls for Dreamcast/Controller:

  • Move - D-Pad/Analog stick
  • Jump - A
  • Shoot stamps - B
  • Shoot Packages (after collected) - Y
  • Honk - X
  • Enter/Start/Advance text - A

Thanks a lot for playing!

So yeah, I kinda felt like making something like Contra for some reason, and Crazy Taxi is the ultimate delivery game, so I thought “why not combine them”. I ran out of time, the most drastic missing feature is that the dogs don’t really do much except wander around and take bullets. Originally they were supposed to push you back and throw you around, but balancing that didn’t quite work out, so it just got the butcher knife, alas. I tried some new stuff this Ludum Dare, like BeepBox and adding “””proper””” voices, something I dipped my toes into last time. Scope creep got me this time but at the end of the day I had fun, hope it’s still playable and you can get at least a little something out of it!


Packontra for 12 MB
Packontra for 17 MB

Install instructions


Extract the folder and open Packontra.exe.


Burn the .cdi file to a CD-R using Padus Discjuggler 6.0 (  CD-RWs will not work. Burn at slow speeds, if possible. Put the CD-R in your Dreamcast. If it shows -Packontra executable- during the Sega logo screen, you did everything correctly.


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Cool game!  Took a bit to get the hang of it but after a few tries I got up to 6 packages!  Really well done intro too.  I haven't seen a jam game with full voice acting for both the intro and gameplay before.