A downloadable skeletale for Windows

Ludwig von Rosenstrauß, eccentric man of science, has made a discovery that will shake the earth to its core. Now, he must flee from the government, which opposes any and all kinds of earth shakingness. Will his skeladventure be a success, or will Ludwig be boned?

My entry for Halloween Jam 2018. I originally worked on it for Halloween Jam 2017, but couldn't finish in time. The two versions have nothing in common except the name, but it's still always nice to see an abandoned project revived, isn't it?


  • Enable moving left arm - Q
  • Enable moving right arm - W
  • Enable moving left leg - A
  • Enable moving right leg - S
  • Move selected appendage - Move mouse
  • Adjust movement strength - Mouse wheel
  • Skelecopter mode /Turning - Hold right mouse button and move mouse
  • Skelecopter mode completely breaks the game and makes most of the game's challenges moot, consider it easy mode, while playing without it is hard mode.
  • Like Dragon Quest 11, there are no rewards for hard mode, but the adventure is the prize, right?
  • Return to start of level - R
  • Quit game (Warning, this is instant) - Escape
  • Fullscreen toggle - Alt+Enter

Additional notes:

Thanks for playing!


Rattletale for Windows.zip 223 MB

Install instructions

Extract the folder and open Rattletale.exe.


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223MB, tell me why its so big and then I will download


I can't into music compression.

Like, I will literally die if I compress all that 240p music I download from Youtube and my laptop mic voice overs. *cough* cough*, see that's what the .pak compressor alone did to me.


What format is it all in? .ogg is typically reasonable on file size without raping the sound.

I think UE4 only supported importing wav files directly and that's why I went the lazy route. I *think* UE4 compresses audio to something less massive while packaging it, but I have to say I never looked into it enough to say for sure.