Rise and shine, Mr. Dwarfman. Or preferably not. Actually no shine is best. Rising? Maybe, the judge is still out on that.

So yeah, this is my first participation in the Lowrez jam. I picked "The sun is your enemy" as my topic, given that it is a relatively timely message that everyone that has been in the vicinity of a window, or - for the bravest souls among us - outside can relate to right now. The Dwarf thing kinda came about because that's the first thing that comes up in your mind when you think "small", sad stereotyping, really. It was definitely an experimental experience, certainly broke new personal ground in my eternal struggle to strap a dumb story on everything. BUT IT WORKED! SOMEWHAT! IT'S SOMEWHAT READABLE, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT???

And most important of all, thanks for playing!


  • Arrow keys - Move left/right
  • Shift - Hold to move faster
  • R - Reset after death
  • Space - Fire repair blocks/Hold to grow/Fast-forward cutscenes
  • Enter - Advance on title screen
  • C/V/T - Button Events for B*ttlefield 3


Risin Dwarf for Windows.zip 21 MB

Install instructions


Extract the folder and open RisinDwarf.exe.

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