A downloadable storm

Storm storm storms storming stormingly!

In 2017, humanity learned nature's true wrath. It was no longer just storms. No, this was in a completely different dimension. A storm that throws storms - a Storm Storm.

You're our last hope. You must use the anti-storm-storm-storm-device to destroy all the storm storm storms, or everything you love will die.

Can you storm up to the task?

A brand new arcade-style game storming its way to the Vectrex in 2017!

(Storm Storm is one of my silly smaller games, so please don't go in expecting something grand, ok?)

Controls for Vectrex:

  • Confirm - Button 1
  • Jump with paddle - Button 1
  • Move paddle left and right - Directional controls

Additional notes:

Thanks for playing!

Release date Oct 30, 2017
AuthorCaptain Dreamcast
Tags1d, 2D, actually, Arcade, no, storm, Vector, vectrex
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button


Storm Storm for Vectrex 2.3 kB


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I noticed the source code is gone from the GitHub project. Is it coming back? I'd love to check it out, as an aspiring Vectrex programmer.

Oh wow, I forgot to merge it back into master, the code was still on the initialImplementation branch, thanks for pointing that out! It's back on master now, it should show up.

I'm not sure if there's much to learn from Storm Storm's code, since it was my first Vectrex game. I should also point out that some of it is in my wrapper library prism https://github.com/CaptainDreamcast/prism/tree/develop/vectrex where I keep stuff that I think might come handy when making another game (though I haven't come around to doing something for Vectrex again yet).

Either way, I hope you are successful with your Vectrex aspirations!


Many thanks! I checked out the code quickly and it looks very nicely organized and commented. I was particularly interested in your Storm Storm source, as you have managed to make a very slick game in 2KB, which is the only such example I'm aware of on the Vectrex--especially one for which source is available. A small game should be easier to learn from. Thanks again!


Hey, just tested this on real hardware and all works fine :)

It's a fun little game, nice physics and good for a high score competition with some friends.

If you ever add some sound effects in and any other elements I'd be very interested to see it :)

Whoa, thanks for the hardware test! Guess it's time for the warning to go, better late than never~

This was basically an attempt to get my feet wet with Vectrex development.I know it's barely anything, especially compared to some of the great stuff from the Vectrex scene (I once saw someone make a Ludum Dare Vectrex game with a player traveling on a rotating planet or something similar, I was absolutely blown away).

I still have all the tools, I'll probably work on things again when I get it all running on real hardware. Emulators are fine and all, but you really can't beat the sparkle feeling you get when playing Vectrex in a dark room.

Hah, yeah, something special about the real vector screens and the phosphor glow and trails.

Have you seen/used VIDE for developing?  It's really the best setup and has loads of great tools too and is being actively developed itself:


I did my first game in textpad and using AS09 to compile but my new game I'm using VIDe and it really speeds the whole process up.

(my game: www.vectorrepublic.co.uk)

Yeah, this was a notepad++, AS09 thriller. I'll keep VIDE bookmarked, it looks really handy. Especially the built-in emulator. IIRC the emulator I used was for DOS/DOSBOX, which kinda made testing a hassle. Definitely room for improvement in that setup. So thanks for the link!

Very beautiful game of yours, love the animation of the shark growing larger.