A downloadable toucher for Windows

Warning: This is VR-only. This will only work in VR. Even then, it will probably only work in HTC Vives because I only tested it with that one.

Warning Warning: This is just some garbage I made for the Global Game Jam, honestly don't bother with that one.

This is the true male power fantasy, touching all the Touhous. Except you have to touch the right touhou. Touch the wrong touhou and it bursts into flames, just like in real life.

So yeah, this is my Global Game Jam 2021 game. The theme was Lost&Found so, after struggling for a day with my first idea, I decided to try "Where's Waldo" in VR. After realizing I don't have time to draw girls, I just used Alphes' Touhou art. Economic as always. It's not great, and it has big 99%-SteamVR-Unity-Tutorial vibes, but I got my feet a little wet with Unity and VR after a couple years, so I feel I got something out of the GGJ. You probably won't unless you enjoy the serenity of being surrounded by 60 Touhou billboards, so the fair warning above. Either way, thanks for reading and checking it out!


  •  Trackpad Press Forward: Forward
  • Trackpad Press Backward: Backward
  • Trackpad Press Left: Turn Left
  • Trackpad Press Right: Turn Right
  • Grip: Touch Touhous / Interact with UI

Art by Alphes, you can find his character packs sorted by game here: http://gensoukyou.1000.tv/dl.html


Warudo V Redux Gensokyo for Windows (VR only).zip 35 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and execute WarudoVReduxGensokyo.exe. You also need to have SteamVR active and installed (via Steam).

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