Baseball. On. Motorcycles.

With that astute description out of the way, this demo is very... bare. My original attempt really didn't go anywhere, so I threw it all out last sunday and started over. It was a top-down view style game, which really didn't work. I mean this really doesn't work all that well either, but you can at least imagine a parallel universe where this version of the gameplay has something. At least that's how I feel and I'll keep working towards that. And yeah, I'm still not all that rock solid on Godot, tested the shading stuff a bit with that, it's pretty intuitive.

Thanks for playing/testing!

Controls for HTML5/Windows:

  • A - Swing/Accelerate/Advance text
  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Spacebar/Enter - Advance Game Over screen/Title Screen

Additional notes:

Thanks for playing!

Install instructions


Extract the folder and open Bosoball DD45.exe.


Bosoball 18 MB

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