A year has passed and the Dreamcast's greatest fighters are back! ... Or at least that was the plan before all of the previous year's team captains were kidnapped by the new shadowy tournament host. Now it's up to those left behind to fight their way through the tournament and save their friends! Oh, and there's probably a fighting game universe to save somewhere in there too. Things have never been crazier than in King of Fi- errr, Dream Fight 18 A.D.!

Note for the web version: Should there be danceoffs - and I'm not saying that there are - but in the hypothetical scenario that there are danceoffs in this game, the web version will appear to freeze for 10 seconds while loading in the song due to synchronization issues. Just so you don't worry, it didn't crash or anything.

Note: This is a Dolmexica Infinite mod, which in turn is a Mugen interpreter for Windows/Web/Dreamcast.

Controls for Windows/Web:

  • Movement - Arrow keys
  • Weak punch - Q
  • Medium punch - W
  • Strong punch - E
  • Weak kick - A
  • Medium kick - S
  • Strong kick - D
  • Start/Leave password screens - Enter
  • Return to title screen / Exit the game from title screen - Escape

Controls for Dreamcast:

  • Movement - D Pad or Analog stick
  • Weak punch - X
  • Medium punch - Y
  • Strong punch - L
  • Weak kick - A
  • Medium kick - B
  • Strong kick - R
  • Start/Leave password screens - Start
  • Return to title screen / Exit the game from title screen - A+B+X+Y+Start (Standard Dreamcast combo)

Additional notes:

Thanks for playing!


Dream Fight 18AD for Dreamcast.zip 80 MB
Dream Fight 18AD for Windows.zip 120 MB

Install instructions


Extract the folder and open DreamFight18.exe.


Burn the .cdi file to a CD-R using Padus Discjuggler 6.0 (https://www.afterdawn.com/software/cd_dvd/burning/padus_disc_juggler.cfm).  CD-RWs will not work. Burn at slow speeds, if possible. Put the CD-R in your Dreamcast. If it shows - Dolmexica Infinite Demo 10 executable- during the Sega logo screen, you did everything correctly.


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Also what is the ending where Remiu comes bacc?

Movelist for all chars pls.