When Suave Dude is hunted down by his former elite squad, the twisted "Cheapies", he turns to the only man he can still trust: His former archenemy, Kung Fu Man! Can these two overcome their differences within seven 30-speechbubble cutscenes and survive the Cheapies' weird abilities? Don't answer, this is just the flavor text, it can't hear you, I'm sorry, that technology is still not ready.

Note: This is a Dolmexica Infinite mod, which in turn is a Mugen interpreter for Windows/Web/Dreamcast.

Controls for Windows/Web:

  • Movement - Arrow keys
  • Weak punch - Q
  • Medium punch - W
  • Strong punch - E
  • Weak kick - A
  • Medium kick - S
  • Strong kick - D
  • Start - Enter
  • Return to title screen / Exit the game from title screen - Escape

Controls for Dreamcast:

  • Movement - D Pad or Analog stick
  • Weak punch - X
  • Medium punch - Y
  • Strong punch - L
  • Weak kick - A
  • Medium kick - B
  • Strong kick - R
  • Start - Start
  • Return to title screen / Exit the game from title screen - A+B+X+Y+Start (Standard Dreamcast combo)

Additional notes:

Thanks for playing!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorCaptain Dreamcast
Tagsclowns, Kung Fu, sunglasses

Install instructions


Extract the folder and open TheCheapieWars.exe.


Burn the .cdi file to a CD-R using Padus Discjuggler 6.0 (https://legacy.padus.com/produ...).  CD-RWs will not work. Burn at slow speeds, if possible. Put the CD-R in your Dreamcast. If it shows -Dolmexica Infinite Demo 9 executable- during the Sega logo screen, you did everything correctly.


The Cheapie Wars for Dreamcast.zip 88 MB
The Cheapie Wars for Windows.zip 39 MB

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